Can You Be a Pilot in India after Taking Flight School?

flight schoolDo you plan to become pilot in India someday later? If you answer yes, it is a good plan because becoming a pilot enables you to earn up to 60 lakhs yearly and go to somewhere fast. Nevertheless, do you know what to do to realize your dream? Are you sure that you can be a pilot? These questions should be answered by yourself if you really want to be a pilot. If you are sure but you don’t know what to do, don’t take any actions as you like unless you want to regret at last. You need to know that you can be a pilot in India if you:

Have basic pilot’s licenses

What are pilot’s licenses that you should have to be a pilot? Basic licenses are PPL, CPL, IR, and MER. To get those licenses, of course you have to join pilot course in India as soon as possible. Remember to choose professional and high quality pilot school so you can have good aviation skill and knowledge. This is important to do because aside from checking your licenses, airline staffs will test your ability in flying aircraft. If you look nervous and confused so that you do not know what to do, of course they will eliminate you as soon as possible. Btw, when choosing flight school, make sure that you check the reputation, track record, facility, and tuition fee so you know whether you choose the right pilot school.

To get PPL, CPL, IR, and MER, you will spend from 40 to 50 lakhs. If you think that you don’t have enough budgets for this, prepare money now. You may apply for loan from creditors or banks or choose pilot schools that offer installment or scholarship program so you can save some money.  Keep in mind not to choose pilot schools that offer cheap tuition fee directly. Why? Who knows that they just want to harm you so you waste money, time and energy.

Have healthy body

You need to know that each airline needs healthy staffs to work with them. If job applicants have any serious health disorders, of course they will not be accepted. For this, do medical checkup to know whether you have healthy body. If you have any health disorders, like nearsighted, farsighted, asthma, lung disorder, and so on, you should take medical treatments as soon as possible. If you don’t do this, never hope that you can work at airlines. In other hand, if you feel that you have healthy body, you should have medical certificate from professional hospital so you can make airline parties sure that you are a candidate worthy to be considered.

Follow endorsement (if you study abroad)

This is very important to do if you study abroad. Why? In each country, flight schools apply different standards. For India, flight schools apply CASA standards that are also used by pilot schools in Australia. If you take pilot training program in Indonesia, Philippines, or other countries that apply FAA standards, you have to follow endorsement or convert license program so you can follow all tests that are held by airlines. What if you don’t take this program? You will never be accepted at airlines in your country. What if you study in a country which applies the same aviation standards? You don’t need to follow endorsement because you can apply for job directly.

The Important of Considering Duration of Education at Pilot School

Flying School topWhen desire has been determined that choosing a career in the aviation world(being a pilot), then the search for the pilot schools is the main thing to do. Thus the cadets can train and develop the skills that will be able to work in the airline. In selecting the pilot schools, there are many things that must be considered carefully, one of them is the duration of the study. Each school offers education duration different, some offering 1 year, 1.5 years, and even up to two years of education.

There are many things behind this issue, including facilities such as simulators, aircraft, and the airport train inadequate, the number of instructors are minimal, and so forth. If you are one cadet pilots(who wish to continue their education at the flight school), it is better to choose a pilot school which offers education a shorter duration. Said, because:

Saving the cost of education

Education in a faster time to keep costs of education. Of course, even if the overall cost from purchasing the book to follow the flight training program has been paid since the beginning of school, but the personal expenses of course, can make the cost of education continues to grow. Especially when going to school abroad, the cost of living there is quite expensive so do not rule out the possibility that charges should be maximally prepared. Unlike the case when you choose a school that is relatively short travel time, the cost of personal expenses is not so booming. Therefore, it is said that the short duration of education could save the school expenses including personal needs.

Obtain greater job opportunities

Able to complete the education in a relatively short time is also a great opportunity to be able to obtain a wider career. Therefore, the cadets from other schools who have not passed the course can not apply in the airline even though job opportunities are provided at this time is quite large. Fortunately when it passed quickly, you can apply at the airlines that offer employment opportunities with relatively minimal competitors, this would be a good opportunity for employment. Remember, many competitors could be a barrier to acceptable work because it could be a competitor prefers qualified expertise so themselves be eliminated. Therefore, the duration will be very supportive of career if it can be occupied quickly.

Positions and salaries increase faster

In the world of work, position to be one factor in the welfare work. Similarly, in the world of flight, a pilot career path is quite assured. In early work, the pilot can be served as a second officer that is allowed to fly a small plane. Then, when the pilot can add hours of flying over 2000 does not rule out the pilot will go up office(in accordance with the policy of the airline). Suppose that the second officer was able to become a first officer.

In other words, after the cadet could come to work in the airline automatically able to obtain the maximum flying hours, especially if the pilot is ready to use it is possible to add flight hours in both day and night. As it is known that the rising position could certainly make salary increases as well. For example, the pilot who served as first officer was able to pocket income of 40-45 million Indonesian rupiah per month, after being promoted to a captain earnings are likely able to achieve the 70 million Indonesian rupiah per month.

That’s the third thing that is the reason why the duration of education is very well considered, not only able to save the cost of education, gain greater employment opportunities, but also be an opportunity to improve the position and salary faster.

The Important of English for Cadets and Pilots

bahasa Inggris bagi pilot

Being a pilot is a profession that is in demand by some people. Where being a pilot has a distinctive feature of having to carry the airborne aircraft in the air. To be a candidate for student pilot and a pilot, of course, quite difficult because it must follow a fairly rigorous test. The test should be followed as a medical and academic tests. The academic tests that must be followed as an English language test. English has become one of the tests that must be passed when you want to go to school when the pilot and also wanted to be a pilot. Perhaps you think the importance of English for prospective student pilots and pilots. The answer is very important. Why? Because in the world of flying all the language used is English. Well, to find out what is the importance of English for prospective student pilots and pilots, the following.

The guide book to learn the English language

English in the world of aviation is one of the everyday language that must be mastered well. Importance for a prospective student pilot and a pilot of the English language is to learn the material in the manual. Guidebook to learn the student pilots are not printed in the country, but the guide books imported directly from abroad. By doing so, automatically fill in the book in the English language. Hence the importance for a prospective student pilots and pilots to be able to speak English. This is because if you can not speak English, will make you trouble later. For those who find it hard to speak English, begin to learn English by finding materials about English.

Instructors teach in English

The importance of the English language for a potential student pilots the second is to deal with the instructors. The instructors who teach in schools pilot, of course, do not come from within the country alone. Many schools instructor pilots who have to come from outside. Instructors have to come from outside, of course, when the study will be in English. Therefore when you want to go to school pilot, you will be tested on English. If less fluent in English and are interested to enter the pilot schools, it routine to learn English.

Information from ATC using English

ATC(Air Traffic Controller) is a pilot closest colleagues during a trip in the air. ATC itself is a person who has an important role in the aviation world. The function of air traffic itself is to convey information about the aviation world, be it on air, altitude aircraft that can be done, the weather, the air navigation, and so forth. Well, for all the information that they got from the ATC, the ATC will deliver it in English. Hence it is important for pilots to master the English language and English must pass the selection when the entrance test and also test pilot school register as a pilot.

Well, that’s some of the importance of English for a prospective student pilots and pilots. For those of you who intend to enter the pilot school and became a pilot, then start now by following a study of tutoring or study of books related to the English language. You need to remember to issue the English language, you do not have to be able to write, but to be able to practice it as well.

If You Are Fired as a Pilot, What Should You Do Next?

Nobody is perfect. This means that everyone did or will do mistake, including pilots. Pilots can use drugs, get trapped in debt, abuse fund, fly without procedure, do extortion, or do many bad things. When airline parties know that their pilots are guilty, they can fire pilots soon. If you are a guilty pilot and airline parties fire you, what should you do next? Should you blame and fight with them? Of course you should not. If you do that, you will deal with police and go to jail soon. Thus, what to do? If you don’t know what to do, consider doing these:

get fired

Regret your mistakes

Regretting your mistakes is a must so you can know what your mistakes are and learn from your mistakes. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to continue regretting because you cannot change time. You should accept this problem and then introspect yourself. Promise that you will never do the bad things anymore.

In contrast, if you don’t accept it and you decide to bring this case to the court, you will only waste energy, time and money. Even if you win this case, airline parties will remain stopping your contract and firing you. Therefore, it is better to accept it and become a good person in the future.

Move on

Yup, don’t let yourself continue feeling sad and blaming yourself day by day. Keep in mind that life is going on. For this, you should move on and forgive yourself. This is difficult to do because in general if people lose job because they are fired, they will stress out and feel depressed. The worst part is they can get sick and need medical treatment. To avoid getting these problems, take enough time to move on and find the best ways to entertain you. If you still feel depressed and get difficulty in moving on, you should go to somewhere which can give you comfort and peace. You may go to beach, lake, waterfall, or village that still has beautiful landscape.

If you succeed to move on, make some plans for your future. You may run a business, garden, or do good things that can earn money to fulfill your needs. What if you cannot find any jobs? Never give up because you will find a good job as long as you want to work hard and pray to God.

Tell the truth to your family

Your family definitely feels disappointed when knowing you are fired from airline. Nevertheless, this must be told to them. Tell the truth so they know what is going on. If you hide this problem, they will be more disappointed if they know someday later. What if your family is angry? No need to worry because you deserve to get it. Let them scold you because you already do any mistakes. Then, give them enough time to forgive you. If the condition is conducive, apologize as soon as possible. Ask them to help you find new jobs so you can earn money again.

What to Do If You Don’t Graduate on Time from Pilot School?

what to doAre you a cadet at flight school who fails to graduate on time? If you answer yes, what do you feel? Of course you will regret and feel sad and disappointed because you already fool away your opportunity. If you don’t have strong mental, you can stress out and feel depressed. Hopefully, you don’t deal with the problem. Then, what to do if you know that you don’t graduate on time? If you hide this problem, it means that you don’t want to admit your mistake. You should do these:

Apologize to your parents

Yup, aside from introspecting yourself, you should apologize to your parents. Tell the truth and promise that you will not fool away opportunity anymore. Remember to do this with heart so you can get trust and forgiveness. This is difficult for your parents because if you graduate late, they have to spend much money again. For this, be patient and tolerant if your parents scold and blame you. Accept it sincerely and then prove that you can cheer them up soon.

What if your parents don’t forgive you? Never give up and take them enough time to think positively. You may not keep silent, you should move on and do your best so you can graduate soon.

Study and train as well as possible

Undoubtedly, if you fail to graduate on time, this means that there is something wrong with your grade. There is a big possibility that you often get bad grade after following tests. For this, study and train as well as possible so you can understand all materials and training programs optimally. After taking test, calm yourself down and think positively. Make sure that you don’t answer questions carelessly. If you take flying tests, listen to your instructors and follow existing procedure so you can fly aircraft well and avoid getting any accidents.

What if your grade is still unsatisfied? Never give up because as long as you want to study hard, you will find solution and get good grade.

Follow all exams optimally

Whatever your reasons are, you should follow all exams. If you skip those, you will bother yourself. This means that you will fail again and again. Think about your mom and dad who already struggle and work hard to pay off your tuition fee. Therefore, follow all examps optimally. If you feel that you are not ready, prepare yourself and study as well as possible. Ask for help from your smart friends to teach you so you can answer all questions and pass all training programs optimally.

In addition, you are strongly recommended not to make conflict with your instructors or friends although you feel uncomfortable with them. If you fight with them, pilot school authorities will not keep silent. They will punish you and even get you out from their school. This is the worst thing which will make you stress out and ruin your future.

Hopefully, by doing all things about, your parents don’t scold you and you don’t make them disappointed anymore.